Due to the evolution of security services in terms of regulatory programs and asset protection requirements, Alha Security has been established to provide quality security services specifically for air cargo. Alha Security acts as a provider of security services for the entire range of Alha Handling and Trucking Solutions: our mission is to provide innovative, comprehensive and competitive solutions to ensure the security and the protection of our clients' cargo. Alha Security staff is 100% internal and can boast extensive experience in the air cargo industry.  Our security agents have 10 years average seniority in Alha companies: by combining solid expertise both in security and logistics, our Security Team ensures effective operational solutions for airfreight. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Alha Security provides cargo security screening services all over Alha Network, in full compliance with all local and international regulatory programs, including TSA requirements. In addition to the detection solutions provided both in our online and offline stations, Alha Security has developed a wide range of Asset Protection and Theft Prevention Services: these services have been implemented to support our client in the transportation of high value goods and aim to guarantee the most reliable, secure and smooth conditions for those products which are extremely liable to be stolen and are readily marketable such as consumer electronic goods.

Cargo Security Screening

Cargo Security Screening Services are available in our entire network, in full compliance with ENAC National Security Programme, EU Regulations and TSA Requirements. Both our airport cargo terminals and our offline stations are equipped with last generation X-ray systems, including dual view x-ray machines. The new dual view HI-SCAN 145180-2is are equipped with two 160 kV generators, providing a dual horizontal and vertical view of the object for shortened inspection time and high quality images.
Our X-ray systems are supported by trace-detection products, operated to detect explosive substances.  These include hand-held and table top products to analyse trace particles where x-ray scanning is not applicable, in compliance with Cargo Security regulations.

Secure transports

When it comes to the transportation of High Value Cargo, uncompromising standards of security and confidentiality are required. Thanks to our professional officers and drivers, our long-term experience and spotless reputation in the cargo transportation we provide a wide range of Secure Transport Services.


Alha Airport Terminal in MXP has been the first cargo terminal to obtain TAPA TACCS Level 1 in the EMEA Region. TAPA Air Cargo Security Standard is a certifiable security programme for the air cargo industry that is aimed to provide quantifiable standards and industry recognised methods to help reduce the risks to air cargo while in the care and control of ground handlers and their partners. TACSS is a global initiative involving all three TAPA regions and is the result of a project that started in mid-2009 to create a set of certifiable standards for warehouses/operations handling air cargo shipments. On a loss prevention and asset protection perspective, TAPA TACSS is the only certification that covers some unique aspects that are exclusive to the securing of air cargo.


The TAPA FSR specifies the standards for physical security system and the methods used to maintain those standards: this certification applies to off-airport facilities and defines a set of standards to be implemented and maintained in order to guarantee secure handling conditions. Alha off-airport Hub in Prato has obtained TAPA FSR Certification in 2012.