Ramp Handling

Effective October 2017 Alha has launched new ramp handling services in MXP.
Alha counts on a new dedicated team, made of a well coordinated and motivated group of skilled and qualified professionals.
The GSE fleet is still in expansion and constantly under control of a strict maintenance program, it guarantees operational capacity 
 Alha provides full ramp handling services for cargo aircrafts.

Safety and full process control represent top priorities: staff training and GSE maintenance programs are essential to the new business' development; ISAGO certification is currently under implementation.

Thanks to the synergy between warehouse and ramp operations, Alha can now provide enhanced service standards and handling timings to those carriers that will chose Alha as a single provider for cargo services in Milan Malpensa.
Especially for those products, like pharmaceutical, that require special care and minimum tarmac exposure, the combination of Alha Warehouse + Ramp services guarantees improved performances and reduced transit times, with the result of a significant competitive advantage for the airline and its customers.