Security Work Group

In June 2013 Alha has been welcomed into the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Strategic Partnerships Program

IATA Strategic Partnership is a global platform including about 300 selected service providers in the aviation industry which act as key influential players in critical areas of involvement.

Within their respective working groups. the Strategic Partners are responsible for moving industry projects forward and drawing up policies and regulations on behalf of IATA member airlines.

Alha Group is a member of the Security work group within the IATA Strategic Partnership Program.

Attended by IATA member airlines heads of security, the SEC work group discusses all issues relating to the optimization of security measures to ensure safe, secure and efficient air transport. Alha, that can boast over 50 years experience in handling and transportation solutions for air cargo, is actively involved in developing guidelines to protect commercial aviation.

Security is one of today’s greatest challenges for airlines, airports and governments. Alha focuses on the development of innovative security solutions to make the concept of security for air freight seamless, easier and accurate.