Cool Chain - Pharmaceuticals

Cargo Handling Agents play a crucial role in the pharma supply chain: Alha Cool Chain Department has developed a comprehensive range of tailored solutions for Pharma products, in order to maintain your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in perfect conditions during ground operations.
In compliance with IATA Chapter 17 and GDP guidelines and thanks to our dedicated team, trainings and SOPs, we deliver operational excellence for your pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments.

Alha Pharma HUB in MXP is a state-of-the-art dedicated area of 2000 m2 with direct access to tarmac; the Pharma HUB is equipped with distinct temperature zones for Cool Storage 2-8°C and Controlled Room Temperature 15-25°C and is monitored by our centralized control room which keeps the temperature controlled 24/7 and maintains a detailed logbook for 15 days.
Controlled-temperature delivery docks are available for swift delivery between refrigerated trucks and Alha Pharma HUB.

Upon agreed SOPs, thermo-camera temperature checks can be performed by our trained staff throughout the handling process, from landside to tarmac and viceversa.

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